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‘Bones’ season 12: Creator already has potential ending in mind

Even though we do still have a few more stories to go until we get around to the end of “Bones” season 11, we do like to think that it is never too early to start thinking about the end. This is especially true when you are dealing with a show like this one, which has such a robust history and list of characters who have turned up at one point or another. You have to find a way to have the show pay tribute to some of these great people, while also staying true to what it has become now...

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'Bones' Season 12: Does Hart Hanson Have An Ending In Mind? [VIDEO]

The creator of Fox's Bones is hoping his idea for the show's ending will be used next season.
Hart Hanson, who created Bones, has something in mind for the upcoming 12th and final season of the Fox procedural. The producer spoke about this in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, and why he hopes the current showrunners and stars David Boreanaz (who plays Booth) and Emily Deschanel (Brennan) agree to his plan...

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20th Century Fox TV Unveils Comic-Con Slate: ’24: Legacy’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ & More

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Hart Hanson Talks ‘Bones’ Season 12, Favorite Squinterns, ‘The Finder,’ and More [Exclusive Interview]

The news of Bones being renewed for its twelfth and final season was bittersweet, but creator Hart Hanson has nothing but gratitude.
I recently sat down with Hanson at the ATX Television Festival to chat about the end of Bones, his favorite squinterns, and The Finder.
Hanson said they were “delighted” when they learned Bones was renewed for a final season. “It was one of those things where when it was announced that Season 12 would be the last season, we all went, ‘oh thank you!’ Because we’re on borrowed time. We’re a very old show. We are actually the longest running hour-long scripted drama on Fox. Ever,” Hanson explained...


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Bones: Hart Hanson on Returning to Write the Series Finale

Bones creator Hart Hanson is returning to the Fox drama to the write the upcoming series finale.
Hanson—whose last credited episode was the Season 9 premiere in 2013—will pen the 12th season's final hour (which is scheduled to air in 2017). With the Bones writers (as well as current showrunners, Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier) hard at work on shaping the last arc, Hanson acknowledges he has an "idea of how the series would end, but they are the showrunners. I would like for us to come to a meeting of the minds. I’m going in like a freelance writer. It’ll be interesting."...

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11x21 Promo 'The Jewel in the Crown' HD


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Ask Matt:

Question: I love Bones and am very sorry to hear that next season will be the last. Do you have any insight into why such a shortened season? Really wish they would have made it to 250 episodes. - JD
Matt Roush: 245, if I’m doing the math right, is nothing to sneeze at. Neither is 12 seasons, even if the last is only half a season. While the network and studio insist the various lawsuits (over profits) had nothing to do with considerations for Bones’ renewal, this situation reads to me like a way to give the show, and its fans, some necessary closure while drawing the curtain on an operation that had become prohibitively costly and problematic to keep in perpetual production. This still appears to be going out more smoothly than Castle did.

Source: TV Insider
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Episode Stills: The Stiff in the Cliff

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Thank You Liz Lemon

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TV Line: June 9

Question: Bones please. What’s upcoming for Booth and Brennan? —Tessa
Ausiello: By the looks of the exclusive image from the David Boreanaz-directed Season 11 finale (airing July 21), what’s upcoming for Booth and Brennan is a veritable s–tstorm at the hands of the show’s latest serial killer. (Looks like an explosion at a school, yes?) As co-showrunner Michael Peterson previously told TVLine, “It’s going to be as big a climax as we’ve ever done.”

Source: TV Line
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