Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Emily Deschanel Talks ‘Bones’ and Heading Into Season 10

Can you believe Bones is heading into its 10th season? The show’s longevity was a major topic of discussion during the 2014 Television Critics Association summer press event, and according to the powers that be at Fox, it appears the 10th season won’t be the show’s last.
Snagging a little time with Bones star Emily Deschanel, we discussed what it’s like to be on the long-running show...


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BONES’ Stephen Nathan and Jonathan Collier Tease Season 10: Episode 200, the Conspiracy, ‘Big’ Lifestyle Changes, and More

When BONES’ ninth season concluded in May, executive producer Stephen Nathan pointed out, “We’ve never quite been in a situation that has affected these characters this much by external forces.” And when the show returns in September, Booth will be in jail, and Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian gang will be struggling to right the wrong of his arrest.

 Now that production has officially started on BONES’ tenth season, I sat down with Nathan and executive producer Jonathan Collier to find out what they could tease about what’s to come…

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Mega Buzz on the Bones Premiere: July 22

How is Booth dealing with being in jail when Bones returns? — Jeremy
Not great! "He's wounded. He's a man of much anger and he is fueled to find out who did this to his family," David Boreanaz says. "I wouldn't want to get in his way right now." As a result, his eventual reunion with Brennan may not be as happy as you might think. "It's going to take a lot from Brennan to get him back," Boreanaz says, noting that Booth will once again suffer from PTSD.

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‘Bones’ Season 10 Spoilers: Cast David Boreanaz Teases Agent Booth’s State; FBI Protégé Is ‘24’ Alum John Boyd

"Bones" season 10 spoilers hinted of Agent Booth's status when the show resumes this fall, as another FBI protégé will be added to the cast to be played by "24" alum John Boyd.
In a social media post, "Bones" season 10 cast David Boreanaz shared a photo of him as Agent Booth dressed in a prison orange suit behind bars. He is looking straight at the camera as he prepares for a scene. His looks disheveled and sporting a full beard...


Ask Ausiello, July 22: The Bones Premiere

Question: Do you have any scoop on Bones‘ Booth and Brennan? —Amelia
Ausiello: The premiere picks up four months after the happy couple’s house got destroyed in a hail of gunfire (an incident that landed Booth in the hospital and in handcuffs). “For practical reasons that you’ll see, it has a very big effect on their marriage,” exec producer Jonathan Collier says of the FBI quagmire. “Booth has to deal with the legal consequences of where they ended up.” On the topic of B&B giving Christine a younger brother or sister, fellow EP Stephen Nathan would only confirm that “the Bones world will be expanding” in Season 10. Might a different pair find themselves with child? “That’s possible,” he teases. “Families grow. People have children.”

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Monday, July 21, 2014

VOTE! Vote for Brennan in the Spoiler TV Character Cup

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WhoSay: David Tweets Booth in Prison

(below) Cold day...Very cold. #BarsForBooth

(below) Deodorant of Choice in prison? Or just standard issue for things to come? #BehindBars

(below) Oil and Vinegar.

(below) Scotty my #Standin between #BoothsBoots #Bones10
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(YouTube Vid) Fox Stars at the Fox All Star Party 2014

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Eye-Opening Bones Panel This Friday

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(YouTube Vid) Lucky Fans

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